Lilian Harry
4 Titles    
Just 4.99!
Goodbye Sweetheart - The girls they left behind - Keep Smiling through - Moonlight and Lovesongs

Crimson City
7 Titles    
Just 6.99!
Crimson City - A taste of Crimson - Through a Crimson Veil - A darker Crimson - Seduced by Crimson - Crimson Rogue - Shards of Crimson

Andrew Vachss
8 Titles    
Just 7.99!
Flood - Strega - Blue Belle - Mask Market - Terminal - Another Life - Blossom - Hard Candy

Christina Dodd
Collection 2
4 Titles    
Just 4.99!
Scent of Darkness - Just the way you are - Almost being in Love - Close to you.

Christine feehan Collection 2
10 Titles    
Just 9.99!
Awakening - Burning Wild - Dark Dream - Dark Fire - Dark Slayer - Hidden Currents - Magic in the Wind - Predatory Game - Street Game- Wild Rain

Melissa Marr Collection
3 Titles    
Just 2.99!
Wicked Lovely - Ink Exchange - Fragile Eternity

Tanya Huff Collection 2
4 Titles    
Just 3.99!
Valor's Choice - The Better Part of Valor - The Heart of Valor - Valor's Trial

Octavia E Butler Collection
5 Titles    
Just 4.99!
Fledgling - Wild Seed - Parable of the Sower - Parable of the Talents - Kindred

James Axler Outlanders
Collection 1-45
Just 19.99!
Numbers 1-45 in the Outlanders Graphic Audio Collection
see here for full list:

Kyra Davis Collection
4 Titles
Just 4.99!
Sex, Murder and a double latte - Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights - Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate - Lust Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss

Sharyn McCrumb Collection
6 Titles
Just 5.99!
The Ballad of Frankie Silver - Missing Susan - Windsor Knot - If I'd Killed him when I met him -
Paying the Piper - Highland Laddie Gone

Sarah Caudwell Collection
4 Titles
Just 4.99!
Thus was Adonis murdered - The Sirens sang of murder - The shortest way to Hades - The
Sibyl in her grave
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