Victoria Laurie
12 Titles
Just 11.99!

Ghouls gone wild - Ghouls just haunt to have fun - Killer Insight
Oracles of Delphi Keep - What's a ghoul to do - A vision of murder
Abby Cooper, psychic eye - Better Read than Dead - Crime Seen
Death Perception - Demons are a Ghouls best friend - Doom with a view
Edward Marston
7 Titles
Just 6.99!

The Railway Detective - The Railway Viaduct - Murder on the Brighton Express
Soldier of Fortune - The Frost Fair - The Iron Horse - The Painted Lady
Alan Dean Foster
14 Titles
Just 13.99!

Flinx's Folly - Sliding Scales - Running from the Deity - Bloodhype -
Trouble Magnet - Patrimony - Flinx Transcendent - For Love of Mother Not -
The Tar Aiym Krang - Orphan Star - The End of the Matter - Flinx in Flux -
MidFlinx - Reunion
Elizabeth Chadwick
10 Titles
Just 9.99!

The Falcons of Montabard - A Place Beyond Courage - Children of Destiny 
Lords of the White Castle - The Time of Singing  - The Winter Mantle
The Scarlet Lion - The Greatest Knight - The Marsh Kings Daughter
Shadows and Strongholds  
Stephen R Donaldson
8 Titles
Just 7.99!

Power That Preserves - Wounded Land - One Tree - White Gold Wielder - Runes Of The Earth - Fatal Revenant
Lord Fouls Bane - Illearth War
Lawrence Sanders
8 Titles
Just 7.99!

McNally's Puzzle - McNally's Gamble - McNally's Dilemma -  McNally's Folly - McNally's Luck - McNally's Risk 
McNally's Caper 
Stephen J Cannell
11 Titles
Just 10.99!

The Tin Collectors - The Viking funeral - Hollywood Tough  
Vertical Coffin - Cold Hit - White Sister -  Three Shirt Deal -  
On The Grind - The Pallbearers - At First Sight - Runaway Heart
Kristine K Rusch
Collection 2
5 Titles
Just 4.99!

The Sacrifice - The Resistance - The Rival - The Changeling - Victory 
Jeff Shaara
8 Titles
Just 7.99!

Gone for Soldiers - Gods and Generals - The rising tide
No less than Victory - Rise to Rebellion - Steel Wave
The Glorious Cause - The Last Full Measure
Patricia Briggs
7 Titles
Just 6.99!

Hunting Ground - Iron Kissed - Moon Called - Silver Borne
Blood Bound - Bone Crossed - Cry Wolf
Stuart Woods
17 Titles
Just 15.99!

New York Dead - Dirt - Dead in the Water - Swimming to Catalina -
Worst Fears Realized - L A Dead - Cold Paradise - The Short Forever
Dirty Work - Reckless Abandon - Two Dollar Bill - Dark Harbor
Fresh Disasters - Shoot Him If He Runs - Hot Mahogany - Loitering
With Intent - Kisser
Sherlock Holmes
BBC Radio Drama
70 Titles
Just 14.99!

The Sherlock Holmes Novels - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - The Return of Sherlock Holmes -  His Last Bow - The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes - The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  (70 titles in all)

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